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This is my new, improved About Me page. The old one was misleading, due to its satirical nature. I am not actually studying neuroscience.

I am an American living in Britain, a beautiful island in the North Atlantic. I often write about my adventures on the island, which is populated by friendly, dog-loving natives.

This is a niche-free blog. Unlike most bloggers, I don’t write about a single issue. (I never could decide what I wanted to be when I grew up either.) I use lots of parenthetical phrases. (Sorry.) I also have a few agendas, resulting from a compulsion to Save the World that I never really grew out of.

My agendas are not very well hidden:

I’m a 99% vegan (99% of the benefits, with only 50% of the effort!), and I hope my recipes convince non-vegetarians that the veggie lifestyle is not one of deprivation. I’m a proud liberal Democrat (third parties are about as useful as alternate universes), and I hope any Republicans stopping by will read my political rants and discover that Fox News has left out a few things. I'm a history addict, and through the history classes I've taken here I've learned that there is nothing new (not even George Bush) and mistakes will be repeated. I’m a dog lover, and I hope my dog stories will make you realize you need a dog in your life too.

I have two daughters, referred to here (and often in real life) as Daughter Number One and Daughter Number Two.

I’m also a burned out writer, hoping to get my groove back. Last I heard it was hiding in New York, probably under an editor’s desk. (If you’re a New York editor, and you still haven’t read my manuscript, my groove has sharp teeth and unlike me, enjoys gnawing the occasional fleshy ankle.)

Welcome to WDIK. If you stay, I’ll pour you a cup of tea and try not to go on too long. (Ignore the ads; they’re there to convince my family I’m actually working.)

Now, what would you like to know about neuroscience?

Update! That editor finally got back to me. I sold a novel in 2012, and it was published in February 2013. Here's a link to my author blog: